22-28 June 2019

brought to you by the RUSA Randonneuring Regions of



San Francisco

Santa Rosa

brevet week has finished!

Thank you to all riders and volunteers for participating!


Brevet Schedule

all brevets to be homologated by the Audax Club Parisien (ACP)

just in case you need a last minute qualifier for PBP 2019

(click on route image to open the ride with gps route link)

brevet 1: 300k

saturday, 22 june

6am start

San Francisco -to- Davis

brevet 2: 200k

sunday, 23 june

7am start

Davis -to- Santa Rosa

brevet 3: 400k

tuesday, 25 june

4am start

Santa Rosa -to- Arcata

brevet 4: 600k

thursday, 27 june

6am start

Arcata -to- San Francisco